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The future is already here, it just isn't evenly distributed. --William Gibson

LibraryBox v2.1 Starter Edition

LibraryBox v2.1 Starter Edition
Just the basics you need to distribute digital files anywhere you happen to be. Product includes one MR3020 based LibraryBox running the most recent code, plus one 16GB thumb drive used for content storage for sharing.

Sorry this product has sold out!

Evenly Distributed is dedicated to producing interesting and innovative technology products that are designed to enable the future and enhance the present. We focus heavily on the library and education space, but also build products that can help individuals. Our first product is LibraryBox, but expect to see more products from us very soon!

For more information on LibraryBox, watch our Kickstarter video:

About Us

Evenly Distributed LLC is Jason Griffey, librarian, technologist, maker and parent. I'm the Director of the LibraryBox project (http://librarybox.us), an open source project that is dedicated to the free sharing of information using very inexpensive hardware to enable off-the-grid access to digital information. While Evenly Distributed is selling LibraryBox as a product, the code is all available for individuals who want to make their own.


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