Evenly Distributed

The future is already here, it just isn't evenly distributed. --William Gibson

About Evenly Distributed

Evenly Distributed LLC is Jason Griffey, librarian, technologist, maker and parent. I'm the Director of the LibraryBox project (http://librarybox.us), an open source project that is dedicated to the free sharing of information using very inexpensive hardware to enable off-the-grid access to digital information. While Evenly Distributed is selling LibraryBox as a product, the code is all Open Source and available for individuals who want to make their own.

I believe strongly that digital information should be available to anyone with a device that can read it, regardless of the status of the infrastructure of the area where they happen to live. LibraryBox enables access to files stored on it without regard to any outside infrastructure, and unable to be controlled by local censorship. 

I've been working on the LibraryBox project since 2012, getting it to the point where it makes sense as a product. If you are interested, please take a look at the LibraryBox homepage to see how and where people are using it. 

While LibraryBox is our first product, it won't be the only. I am interested in continuing to make products that enable the future and enhance the present. Keep your eyes out for more from us.